We are changing the transportation industry with more transparency and technology for your business.


We operate with the highest standards and all the regulations that govern the land cargo transport sector, we generate a context of professional execution of transport activities in the Latin American region.

Small companies

Small companies can count on the HUBBING Platform as a facilitator of the transport model by configuring an SLA contract, without the need for transport structures, projects or purchases. Subscribe to the SasS pack and rely on HUBBING’s scale and operational support as a comprehensive solution to your transportation problems.

Medium businesses

We offer our clients services with high quality standards, permanent security in the transfer of their cargo and timely delivery of their merchandise, both intercompany and to clients. At Hubbing, we have a technology created to streamline our own logistics flows with those of HUBBING and a team prepared to meet all your demands and those of your customers.

Big enterprises

We offer your company our strategic Partnership, present at all stages of your cargo transportation. In its PASS (Platform Service), Transport Management, Mix modes with use of Platform for Own Fleet and TCO (Transport Controlling Overflow) or Controlled Transport Overflow and always operate controlling your standards.

Some of our customers


Strengthen and optimize your logistics with Hubbing

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    At Hubbing we go one step further than connecting a truck with a load.

    We facilitate transportation processes, guaranteeing the operating, functional and documentary standards of the fleet, which allows the intelligent and efficient allocation of transportation and financing resources.