SLA contracts

We developed a methodology where we characterize, configure and operate a Service Level Agreement Contract, ensuring the operation and reducing the uncertainty for the Shipper about his expectation of how his contract operates.

CTT Control Tower Traffic SasS

24×7 Control Towers strategically located looking at the logistics flows of our clients. Receive and manage the information by exception online of the units assigned, in transit and delivered. Through technological tools, the data is updated automatically, with traceability and normalization configured to your Shipper’s SLA Contract and Contingency Plans in Transit.

Supplier Development

Transport market research, supplier profiles and development plans with a view to cargo flows managed by Hubbing. Automotive, Autoparts are part of our analysis of response capacities on the automotive fleet of cargo in the Region.

Transportation Management

We manage the entire Shipper Transport process, we assign a Project, Planning and Coordination Operative team from the activation of the Shipper’s orders, fleet assignment, monitoring and proof of delivery.

We work with a personalized management model for each client.

Operational Management

We assign, manage and execute operations efficiently with specialized resources to ensure the operational quality of the SLA Contract.

Development of Logistics Flows

Research and analysis of the behavior of logistics flows, volume, products, origins and destinations that generate an impact on the flows of our Shippers and Carriers.

Flexible Operating Capacity

We have the ability to respond and adapt to variations in demand, ensuring that we maintain the levels of operational quality and commercial fulfillment.

Dynamic Pricing

We customize the costs of the service to the maximum, taking into account the characteristics and differences of each company. Dynamic Pricing seeks to copy the supply and demand curves of the transport market. Optimum in logistics chains with product seasonality impacts.

Intelligent Documentation Registry

We have the technology for the management of documents, validity and auditing. Storing digitized documents that speed up each operation.



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