We connect your needs with your interests.

We are more than an application that connects you to a wide shipping network of our customers. We are a platform focused on simplifying the cargo transport activity by bringing the best transport practices closer to the HUBBING community. Our interest is that transport grows steadily over time by incorporating business knowledge through its Strategic Partner, HUBBING.

Through the platform, we plan your trips with return routes, so that you give more value to your time and get the most out of your transport units.


Registration and Final Registration Process

The Carrier characterizes its registration in HUBBING where its operational requirements, documents, operational capacities, zones and corridors with operational experience, transport units and drivers are registered in order to be functional for the operation in the universe of cargo and trucks of Hubbing.

Service Offer

The Carrier receives Service offers according to its functional characterization and operational profile. The system selects the best combination of concatenated services for a better use of the transport capacity.

Transportation Assignment

Through an allocation algorithm, Hubbing analyzes the units that meet the load, document and functionality requirements in seconds, selecting transport units through a Dynamic Pricing software seeking the optimal balance between cost and service for transport, optimizing the time of use of units.

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At Hubbing we go one step further than connecting a truck with a load.

We facilitate transportation processes, guaranteeing the operating, functional and documentary standards of the fleet, which allows the intelligent and efficient allocation of transportation and financing resources.